New immigrants told: You must pay to see a GP – and will move to the back of the queue for council homes

Immigrants will be forced to pay to visit a GP and be banned from getting council houses for up to five years after they settle in Britain.

The moves, to be signalled by David Cameron this week, mark a new hardline stance on immigration aimed at reviving Tory fortunes.

The Prime Minister intends to introduce legislation on both issues in the next few months, despite the likelihood of strong opposition from Labour MPs.

The measures are to be rushed through to stop Bulgarians and Romanians being allowed free access to the UK next January.

A senior source said: ‘The PM wants the immigration system to back people who work hard and do the right thing. He is determined to bring an end to the situation where people can come to the UK and get benefits and public services without putting anything in.

‘He is opposed to the “something for nothing” culture of some people who come here from abroad and jump the housing queue of deserving local families who have lived in an area for years and paid taxes.

‘We want to remove any expectation that new migrants can expect the taxpayer to give them a home on arrival.’

Earlier this month, Nick Clegg chaired a Home Affairs Cabinet Committee to examine plans  to deter EU migrants from coming to Britain by slashing benefits without breaching discrimination laws.


EastEnders paedo probe

Queen Vic pub EastEnders

Paedo investigation … EastEnders

PAEDOPHILES working on EastEnders preyed on under-age fans who hung around the set hoping for autographs, police believe.

A team of officers are investigating a group of “mature adults” thought to have been employed by the BBC soap in the 1980s and ’90s.

It is believed parts of the EastEnders set in Elstree, Herts, have been searched.

Officers have also visited cheap hotels near the sprawling film studios, where EastEnders has been filmed since it began in 1985.

The movements of people connected with the show over a period of 20 years in various capacities have been monitored.

An insider said: “Arrests are very likely. This is bigger than anyone imagined.”

A six-member Special Operations unit has been set up to work full-time on the investigation — an indicator of the serious nature of the claims.

The officers have been seconded from Child Protection units at Scotland Yard and Herts Police.


Albert Square sign

Probe … telly soap

The insider added: “A lot of work has been done over the last few months.

“In today’s cash-strapped times, police only launch Special Ops units if they have enough evidence in the first place.

“A six-strong team is significant and shows how seriously senior officers are taking this.

“Top police bosses have been shocked at what they have unearthed so far and are determined to finish the job.”

It is not alleged that senior production staff or cast members, either past or present, are suspects or knew of illegal activities.

And those working on recent series are not under suspicion.

The inquiry has allegedly uncovered a former worker who is believed to have been dealing drugs on set.

Sources close to the investigation suggest officers could make arrests any day.

The suspects are said to have befriended and groomed youngsters who waited at the Elstree gates in the hope of getting the autographs of stars.


Queen Vic EastEnders paedo proboe

New BBC shock … perverts ‘used TV soap as cover’

It is believed police have taken statements from alleged victims and wish to interview others who may have been preyed on by the paedophile ring.

The investigation is unrelated to any other ongoing cases involving soap stars.

A BBC spokesman said last night: “The BBC is not aware of this investigation but we take any allegations of this nature extremely seriously. We will be approaching the police to ascertain the details and to offer our full co-operation.”

Proof of a paedophile ring within EastEnders would be a devastating blow to the BBC in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

And it would put a question mark over the future of the soap.

BBC DJ and Jim’ll Fix It host Savile is feared to have sexually abused up to 450 adults and children over a 50-year period.

The BBC was accused of a cover-up when it dropped a Newsnight investigation into Savile’s crimes shortly after his death in 2011.

An inquiry is investigating whether BBC bosses were aware that Savile preyed on some of his victims on its premises.

Some witness claim they were ignored when they raised concerns with BBC bosses about Savile’s suspicious behaviour.

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A pilot who claimed the ‘stresses’ of running seven flying businesses in a recession turned him into an internet paedophile

A pilot who claimed the ‘stresses’ of running seven flying businesses in a recession turned him into an internet paedophile was behind bars today with his reputation in ruins.


Craig Seville, 37, who ran his own flying school in Blackpool, Lancashire, hoarded hundreds of images of young girls on his home PC and trawled chatrooms to prey on children.




Craig Seville, from Springhead, Oldham, hoarded hundreds of images of young girls on his home PC and trawled chatrooms to prey on children


He was caught in a sting operation by an undercover policewoman posing as a 12-year-old girl on the internet. Seville asked her to be his ‘sexual pupil’ before exposing himself to her on a webcam.


Seville, from Springhead, Oldham, later claimed he carried out the offences after entering into a ‘fantasy world to take him out of the real world’ when factors including bad weather had left him in a distressed and difficult position. He has since lost all his businesses.


At Preston Crown Court the boss of Blackpool Flying School, based at the resort’s airport, and other associated firms was jailed for three and a half years.

Judge Stuart Baker told him: ‘This is not the stuff of fantasy – there’s no fantasy world involving the abuse of children.

‘The children depicted in the images are children being appallingly abused by adults elsewhere in the world.’


The judge added: ‘It is truly always a very sad occasion when a court has to impose a sentence on a mature man who has been industrious, who has had a successful career in business and well liked amongst his community, friends and family and well regarded and well respected.

‘You have lost your business, your employment and your reputation and, no doubt for many years to come, bear a stigma amongst the community at large for these offences.



Sentence : Seville was jailed for three and a half years at Preston Crown Court after pleading guilty to three charges


‘It may well be that there was an element of fantasising about what you were doing but it is a fact that you assumed or, at least, believed that people with whom you were corresponding were under the age of 16.


‘You engaged with them in inappropriate conversation and by enticing them into sexual activity. It took the form of grooming them towards the end.

‘You might think by watching it you were not doing people harm but it is precisely because people watch it over an internet screen that there is such a flourishing business of producing this kind of material in the first place.

‘Watching this material gives oxygen to those who produce it. Those are real children, being badly abused.’


Earlier Francis McEntee, prosecuting, said police had raided Seville’s home in February last year.


They recovered his laptop and discovered 436 photographs showing children being abused by adults – including one of an 18-month baby girl. Seville had also been using chat rooms – including one called ‘Chat Avenue’ – as a way to chat to teenage girls.

‘He said he was curious but never intended it to lead to anything,’ said Mr McEntee. ‘He indicated that he had a web cam but he didn’t use it. He had spoken to 14-year-old girls and asked what they were into sexually.’


Seville, who would always be up front about his own age, would continue chatting privately to certain members on MSN.

He admitted he got some sexual gratification from chatting to youngsters, describing it as being ‘a virtual world, as if separated by the real world.’


Seville was released on bail but was caught committing further offences by a police officer carrying out surveillance on the internet in September 2012.

The prosecutor said: ‘She indicated that she was 12, to which he replied, “That’s so sexy”.

‘He asked her, “Do you want to learn about sexual stuff? Would you be interested in trying and learning things with me?”‘


Five days later, he asked if she would like to meet up to kiss and experiment with him – trying to reassure her by saying he’d had relationships with girls aged 13 before. He then exposed himself on a web cam, for the ‘girl’ to see.

When the ‘girl’ indicated that she may want to engage in sexual activity, Seville said they would only do it when ‘totally ready and they would be very careful together.’

MSN sexual conversations followed, before Seville was arrested.



Business: Seville claimed the stresses of running his businesses, including a flying school at Blackpool Airport, during a recession turned him into an internet paedophile


Seville pleaded guilty to three charges – within a long list of offences dating between November 2011 to February 2012 – of distributing indecent images through Skype and MSN and attempting to engage a child in sexual activity.


Defence lawyer Barbara Webster, stated her client – who has no previous convictions – had slipped into a ‘fantasy world’ after the stress of keeping his seven aeronautic businesses afloat in the recession and bad weather got too much for him.

She said: ‘From references, this individual had a good upbringing. He made his way up the ladder, he had a successful business, he obtained his pilot’s licence, flew with DHL across the world and owned seven well maintained businesses.

‘Due to a number of factors, he found himself in a very distressing and difficult position. As a result, stresses came to their highest point. He maintains that he entered into this fantasy world to take him out of the real world and from there became his own world away from everything else.’


Seville was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and banned from working with children for life — Dirty filthy b..tard, this doesn’t lay well with me – maybe it’s because of where ‘it’ lives …
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On the 22nd June the North West Frontline Firm will be hosting a demonstration to highlight the Islamification of Great Britain and the ever growing problem of mass immigration.

Speakers :

Paul Pitt (South East Alliance) Tony Curtis (English National Resistance) Jeff Marsh (Casuals United) North West Angel (Edl) Paul Mcginty (North West Frontline Firm) Shane Calvert (North West Infidels)

More details to follow (Times may change)

Unity Is Our Strength

Horror in paradise

It’s hard to believe, but a 15-year-old rape survivor has been sentenced to be whipped 100 times in public! Let’s put an end to this lunacy by hitting the Maldives government where it hurts: the tourism industry.

The girl’s stepfather is accused of raping her for years and murdering the baby she bore. Now the court says she must be flogged for “sex outside marriage”! President Waheed of the Maldives is already feeling global pressure on this, and we can force him to save this girl and change the law to spare other victims this cruel fate. This is how we can end the War on Women – by standing up every time an outrage like this happens.

Tourism is the big earner for the Maldives elite, including government ministers. Let’s build a million-strong petition to President Waheed this week, then threaten the islands’ reputation through hard-hitting ads in travel magazines and online until he steps in to save her and abolish this outrageous law. Sign and forward this email now to get us to a million:

The Maldives is a paradise for tourists. But for women there, it can be hell. Under harsh interpretations of sharia law, women and children are routinely punished with flogging and house arrest if found guilty of extramarital sex or adultery. It’s nearly always the women who get punished, not the perpetrators. A staggering one in three women between ages 15 and 49 have suffered physical or sexual abuse — yet zero rapists were convicted in the past three years.

Winning this battle can help women everywhere, as the Maldives government is right now running for a top UN human rights position – on a platform of women’s rights! Global outrage has already forced President Waheed to appeal the sentence in the 15-year-old’s case. But that’s not enough. Extremists inside the country will force him to abandon further reforms if international attention fades. Let’s tell the Maldives that it stands to lose its reputation as a romantic tourist hot spot unless it changes its attitudes to and laws about women.

If enough of us raise our voices, we can get President Waheed and his MPs to face down the extremists. The president is already on the back foot over this shameful, tragic story – let’s seize this moment to prevent more horrifying injustices against girls and women. Sign the petition, then send this email widely:

Avaaz members have fought many battles in the global war on women. In Afghanistan, we helped protect a young woman who bravely spoke out about her horrific rape; in Honduras, we fought alongside local women against a law that would jail women using the morning-after pill. Let’s now protect the women of the Maldives.

With hope and determination,

Jeremy, Mary, Nick, Alex, Ricken, Laura, Michelle and the whole Avaaz team


Maldives girl to get 100 lashes for pre-marital sex (BBC)

Maldives government to appeal flogging of rape victim (Dawn, Pakistan)

Rape victims punished, failed by Maldives justice system (Minivan news, Maldives)

Judicial statistics show 90 percent of those convicted for fornication are female (Minivan news, Maldives)

Spurned Burnley man’s phone harassment of ex and her family

A SPURNED man who launched a relentless campaign of terror against his ex-partner and her family was spared jail.

Ghulam Hussain, 27, stalked his former girlfriend, Nazia Begum, and called her relatives hundreds of times, causing them ‘huge damage’ because he refused to accept the relationship was over.

The defendant, of Burns Street, Burnley, had admitted harassment and had been committed for sentence by Pennine magistrates.

Hussain, who was in breach of a 12-month conditional discharge, was given six months in prison, suspended for two years, with 12 months’ supervision and 80 hours unpaid work.

He also received a restraining order to stop him contacting the victims. He had three convictions on his record.

The court heard in one day he contacted Miss Begum 50 times and phoned her father 100 times one night. He had also left a voicemail saying he would send ‘my army down’ Sentencing, Recorder Kevin Talbot told Hussain: “This wasn’t harassment. This was communicative terrorism by you. You never let her go.”

Zoe Nield, for Hussain, said he now accepted the relationshop was over.

Mum and son to face trial over boy death

A woman will go on trial later this year charged with manslaughter and preventing the burial of a corpse in connection with the discovery a young boy’s body.

Amanda Hutton, 42, appeared at Bradford Crown Court with her son, Tariq Khan, 24, who is also accused of preventing the burial of a body.

The pair were arrested in connection with the discovery of the decomposed body of four-and-a-half-year-old Hamza Khan at a house in Bradford, West Yorkshire, more than a year ago.

Police were called to the house in the Heaton area of the city in September 2011.

Hutton is also facing a number of other charges.

Hutton, of Farcliffe Road, Bradford, and Khan, of Bradford Road, Bradford, were told by the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Roger Thomas QC, that their trial date had been fixed for September 16.

They were given conditional bail and told to appear again at Bradford Crown Court on May 29 for a plea and case management hearing.